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YOU CAN NOW EMAIL AT A BLAST>>45 MILLION Gmail Users, 39 MILLION Twitter Users, 24 MILLION Hotmail, 60 MILLION Facebook and Many more...TRY IT NOW!!.






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                                   E M A I L    L E A D S


30 Million Worldwide Email Leads complete with Name, Tel, Fax, Adr, Prov, Post Code  etc. $325


15 Million Worldwide Companies Email Leads: with Name, Address, Phone, Fax etc: $225


20 Million Worldwide Consumers Opt In Email Lists. $205



4 Million Worldwide Consumers & Company   Tel & Fax Numbers: $250

U S A     L E A D S


16 Million US Consumer List - Search by name, Addr, City, State, Zip, Tel. , Age, Financial Data, Buying habits etc!: $350  

2 Million Business Directory List with 22,000 business category keywords to power your online directory: $125

1.2 Million Real state Agents List Search by company, realtor name, email address, city, state & zip code: $75

3 Million Email Addresses of Rich & Affluent People in USA: $165


30 Million Assorted Emails from USA:  $395




3 Million USA & Canada Loan Seekers Emails Lists:  $195

3.6 Million Retired People Email leads:-Name, DOB, email, city, state & zip: $145

3.5 Million

 USA & Canada Job Seekers: $175



Email list 2.5 Million US Consumers Opt In Email Lists: $105  



4 million US Businesses Database: $195


5 Million USA - 50 States & 78 Cities Email Lists: $275

 5 million Canadian Consumer & Business List SIC Code, Coy Name, Tel, Fax, Adr, Post Code : $175


5 Million American Women Executives & Consumers : $170  

3 Million USA  Christians Email addresses: $135


2.5 Million US Farmers Email Addresses: $115


3 Million US Consultants ad Investors Email Addresses: $125

*Powerful Email List Management Software Makes Email Marketing Easy
    • Remove duplicate addresses within your email lists
    • Process unsubscribe requests during your campaigns
    • Count the number of addresses in your files
  • Separate your email lists by country or domain extention
  • Split large lists into smaller more manageable sized files
  • Clean lists of improperly structured email addresses


7 MILLION YAHOO Email Addresses: $190  

.5 Million HOTMAIL Email Addresses: $185

1.5 MILLION GMAIL Email Addresses $100

3.8 MILLION MSN Email Addresses: $125

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5 Million America online Email Addresses: $150

1.5 Million SBC Global Email Addresses: $95

6 Million CompuServe Emails: $150

3.5Million Email Addresses: $120  

2.5 Million Rediff Emails (India): $120

1 Million EarthLink Email Addresses: $85

1 Million Bellsouth Email Addresses: $85

500,000 Email Addresses: $55

1 Million Email Addresses: $85

500,000 Email Addresses: $75

500,000 Email Addresses: $75

750,000 Arab. net Email Addresses: $95


5 Million mix email 20 different mail servers: $195

2 Million Email addresses: $155

3.6 Million Email addresses: $195

2 Million Email addresses: $155

7 Million Global Hoteliers and restaurants Email Addresses: $285

8 Million Dating & Relationship Seekers Email Addresses: $285

7.5 Million Online Casino & Poker Players Emails: $205

4 Million Global Betting & Gamblers Email Addresses: $155


9.5 Million Assorted United Kingdom Email Addresses: $330

1.5 Million United Kingdom Job Seekers Email Addresses: $85

3.5 Million UK Opportunity Seekers and Work at Home Emails: $135

3.65 Million United Kingdom Tiscali & BT Internet Emails: $175

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5 Million Assorted German Email Addresses: $350
3 Million German Opportunity Seekers & Work at Home : $145
3 Million Assorted Italy Email Addresses: $145

5 Million Assorted Netherlands Email Addresses: $145

5 Million Assorted Canadian Email Addresses: $305


3 Million Canadian Work At Home opportunity seekers Emails :$155:


Million Assorted Belgium Email Addresses: $125

5 Million Assorted Australia Email Addresses: $300
1.2 Million Assorted Malaysian  Email Addresses: $125
15 Million Assorted China  Email Addresses: $185
10 Million Women Consumers From China Emails: $175

6.5 Million Small & medium scale China Manufacturers: $275


2 Million Assorted Austria  Email Addresses: $125

3 Million Assorted Greece Email Addresses: $135

9 Million Assorted Japanese  Email Addresses: $140

1 Million Assorted Lebanon  Email Addresses: $65
3 Million Assorted Indonesian  Email :$95
10 Million Assorted India  Email Addresses: $150
5 Million Assorted Hong Kong  Emails: $110


3 Million Assorted South African  Email Addresses: $95
1 Million Assorted Nigeria  Email Addresses: $50
3.5 Million Assorted Saudi Arabia  Email Addresses: $120
3 Million Assorted Argentina  Email Addresses: $140
3.5 Million Assorted Switzerland Emails: $120
8.4 Million Assorted Taiwan  Email Addresses: $105
4.7 Million Assorted Turkey Email Addresses: $115
2  Million Assorted Philippines Email Addresses: $95

10 Million Assorted France Email Addresses: $175

4.5 Million Assorted Pakistan  Email Addresses: $115

7 Million Assorted Brazil  Email Addresses: $165
2 Million Assorted Bulgaria Email Addresses: $85

2 Million Assorted Chile Email Addresses: $85
3.5 Million Assorted Denmark Email Addresses: $115
2.8 Million Assorted  Egypt  Email Addresses: $95
14 Million Assorted European union Countries Email Addresses: $220
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    “It’s our goal to be the first in the market to bring you innovative products at competitive prices without compromising strength, efficiency and reliability.

    Send Unlimited Emails for Free!!
    Description: Send Unlimited Emails for Free. Comm100 Newsletter - The Free Newsletter & Email Marketing Software
    Send unlimited email newsletters for FREE. Enjoy the quality and service of a commercial product without any expense to save your marketing costs.

    Get High Inbox Delivery Rate
    Get high delivery rate all the time. We maintain good relationships with the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to ensure that your emails will directlyhit the inBox


    Sending Mass Email Can Be One Of The Most Rewarding and Money Making Experiences Ever. The Only Problem most Companies face is How To Send Out a Successful Bulk Email Campaign Without Getting Shut Down Immediately For Spam Complaints.Globalmailers is here to Provide You a Solution to that Problem With our inBoX-massMailer!!

    Mass email Campaign is the surest way to reach prospective Customers if you know how to do it! more.....


    100% of our email lists are parsed through the strictest filtration process to bring you the very best in email list data. Deliverability and Cleanliness are our goal, not just quantity but quality of individual email is our main concern!! For what good is an over-sized email address list if it is of Poor quality, Dead and Non-responsive?? Read More

    Sept. 25, 2014  New Website update and enhancement Completed. Email addresses from over 120 countries updated in the database. New Products added.

    March 02 - 04, 2014
    Email lists and database fully updated. Email addresses from over 120 countries added to the database...

    Feb 21, 2014
    Problem of outage partly solved. Some customers has successfully been moved to another server

    Feb 13, 2014

    Orbit Data Centre is having multiple node issues, affecting 5 of our servers. 3 servers are totally isolated from the internet, 2 are experiencing routing issues due to overloading on the existing

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      What Our  Customers Are Saying:  

    "It has been my genuine pleasure to work with Mark Sanders with Globalmailers over the past 3 plus years. Had it not been for Mark's accute product knowledge, efficiency, & dedication to customer service I would have "shopped" for other venues. Jane's personalized attention to my account has kept me a happy customer. Mark is a credit to himself & to Globalmailers Inc., ."
    Good Job!
    Thomas J Samean

    The customer service department is very helpful in resolving any issues at hand. We are very happy with the service Globalmailers and  provides and want to thank you for your continued support."
    Thanks again for all your help!
    Trasi Ogle
    "I am so very glad that a business associate recommended your service. I have still not heard back from some of the other  Email Marketers  that I contacted before I was referred to you. Pretty impressive to be up and running with our first transaction completed in less than 48 hours. Thank you for taking such good care of us, we are looking forward to a lasting professional relationship."
    Dean Wilhelm, Pres.

    I had alot of questions about my Email Blaster Deluxe and they walked me through the set up and since I've had their service there hasn't been a time I called that I couldn't talk to a real person to get my questions answered. I would highly recommend them for Email Marketers and their shopping cart is so easy even I was able to set it up within minutes

    . "
    Globalmailers has been great ! ....
    Joe Huttington

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    Everyday millions of people access their email accounts from PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With the rate of growing technology, We at Globalmailers understands how challenging it can be to keep up with the latest marketing trends.
    Email Marketing has its benefits for any business large or small. So for those who believe that Email Marketing is dead¶ think again! Email Marketing messages are becoming more effective day by day. Everyday more people are opting-in and subscribing to their favorite businesses, brands and companies' email lists. Email Marketing makes it easy for businesses to turn subscribers into loyal consumers. With the right kind of email marketing software it is easy to generate leads and increase sales all from the right Email Marketing message.
    We offer the perfect solution to meet your company's budget and marketing needs. Our email marketing software directs traffic, drives sales, and compiles responses for each email marketing campaign into a valuable data report. You can easily maintain customer and client relationships, practice message consistency, gain trust and build loyalty for your business.
    In addition to the benefits of our email marketing software, you'll receive accommodating customer support every step of the way. Now more than ever is the right time to take advantage of this targeted marketing medium to reach out to your potential clients and consumers....

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